Can I still buy your labels on eBay and amazon?
Yes! We have an authorized reseller of our labels whose primary focus is selling our labels on eBay and amazon. You can find a link to their products on our home page.

Can you print logos?
Yes we can. Logos must be presented to us in black and white and be one dimensional with no shadowing or gradients. They must be high resolution and presented to us in a .jpg, .png, .pdf vector graphic or Adobe format. If you require a full color logo or graphic, we can produce that on adhesive vinyl for you but not as a security label.

Do you sell fully custom holograms?

This is something that we do offer. Please contact us for more information.

Can you make me a label like the original Microsoft warranty sticker?

No. We will not knowingly make any label that would violate any trademark or copyright laws.
Don’t ask us to break the law. 

What are your shipping prices?
We offer free worldwide shipping on all of our products. Expedited shipping is available for a fee, as is Priority Shipping. These two methods move your order ahead of everyone else's and allow you an opportunity to receive VIP status for your order. 
The free shipping policy may change in the future but we have no plans currently to change it. 

What are your hours of operation?
Phone support and sales are available from 9am to 7pm central time Monday through Friday. You can also order directly from our website any time.

Do you accept returns?
Yes, we offer a 14 day money back guarantee on all of stock or stock printed labels (warranty labels, numbered labels, sports holograms) but we do not accept returns or offer refunds on custom printed labels that have been printed correctly and are not defective.